QHHT®, BQH or Soul Speak?

QHHT®, BQH or Soul Speak?

Our bodies speak to us in a metaphorical language. Our nerves are affected by the way we communicate and were communicated to, our bones represent the support we receive in life, our feet represent the direction of our life, our hands represent our ability to give and receive, our spine stores family values… There are many ways the traumatic emotions are affecting our bodies.

Monika Dulian, Functional Medicine Coach

If you’re not ready for hypnosis or can’t invest the time in a QHHT or BQH session, then I recommend starting with a Soul Speak Session. It’s a simple way to begin exploring your capability to heal yourself and can be be conducted online, or even over the phone.

We spend about an hour talking about and exploring the roots of your ailment and what the possible messages are that your body is sending to you through an illness, pain or dis-ease. You may heal immediately and/or walk away with an action plan. Either way, you’ll understand how to decode the messages your body is sending you and how to get to the root cause.

Our bodies tell us all the traumas we’ve lived through, all the emotions we’ve suppressed and everything that we don’t let ourselves feel by manifesting specific aches, pains, illness and disease.

For example, cancer is commonly known to be a manifestation of anger or resentment directed within. It follows that breast cancer then signals a resentment of not being able to nurture, either ourselves or someone else.

A sore throat may indicate that you have angry words that need to be said but you are holding back and it is irritating the throat. Alternatively, a tight or constricted throat shows that you may be anxious about something and can’t breathe. You may feel like you’re choking or choking back something.

Weight issues are rampant and obesity is a signal that you may be hiding or protecting yourself from being hurt.

The first step is to recognize that physical dis-ease is a manifestation of something greater than just our bodies. If we continue to treat the symptoms but leave the root intact, the problem will continue to erupt in various ways over and over again in the body.

The first thing we do in a Soul Speak Session is to talk about what was happening at the time the disease/illness manifested. Were your parents getting a divorce? Did somebody die that was close to you? Did you suffer some kind of trauma? Did you get laid off?

After we identify a possible cause, then we ask, “What is the message this illness/pain/disease is trying to tell me?”

Then we listen. We may receive a picture, a sound, a word, or even a smell. Everyone receives information differently but we all have access to our inner knowing.

After we get an answer, we ask another question and another question, digging deeper and gaining more clarity as the process continues.

It sounds simple and it is but we can be very adept at distracting ourselves from the real reasons or causes of a misalignment. It may be because we don’t want to change our circumstances. It may be because it’s triggering or causes pain. It may be because we haven’t been ready.

Also, illnessess and dis-ease usually carry some secondary gain, a benefit of having the illness. Oftentimes it’s easier to ask for help if we have something ‘serious’ going on or we may be gaining financially or socially from needing help. This is usually not a conscious decision so the secondary gain begins to lose it’s appeal as we become more and more mired in our dis-ease.

Timing is everything and there are valid reasons for doing what we do.

Know that. There’s no right or wrong. There’s never getting anything perfect and there’s not just one perfect way of finding a solution.

SO when the day comes that you’ve decided you’ve had enough and it’s time to make a change in your circumstances, then I strongly encourage you to start by going within and using this simple process of questioning yourself–then, listen for the answer.

As with all new endeavors, the process can be easier with the presence of a skilled guide who creates a space, amplifies your energy and can offer another perspective to help you uncover what the message is.

After you go through the process with someone else, it becomes much easier on your own to decode the messages your body is sending you.

Ultimately, all the answers are inside of you and you always have access to yourself and your body. It is your willing servant and it will do what you tell it to.

What have you been telling your body? How do you talk to yourself?

Do you talk to yourself nicely? Praise yourself? Pat yourself on the back and shower yourself with love and positive affection? Great job.

If not, then there’s always NOW to start talking to yourself nicely and nurturing yourself. Recognize that your body is here to do your bidding and help you accomplish your purpose.

It does listen to you and how you talk to it.

Every moment is a new moment. Allow yourself the opportunity to change and you will.

Ask yourself the question and you will find the answers.

A Soul Speak Session is designed to show you exactly how to talk to yourself so that you can find your own answers, bring about your own healing and understand how to move forward in the future, empowered.

You are the authority in your life and you know best what you need. Trust and understand that you’ve been given all the tools you ever need to live a happy, fulfilled and healthy life. You just need to understand how to use those tools.

If any of this is resonating with you or you already know you’d like to work with a trained professional, give me a call and we’ll explore your issue(s) together.

I’m a certified Soul Speak Practitioner, as well as, an active Level 2 QHHT® Practitioner and I know that together we can find the answers you’re seeking.

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