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Part One of a 3-part series

I had a fantastic session with Lili where she helped me to shine light on and reframe a mental block. The way she approached it was delightful. She is very perceptive and sensitive yet also bold and direct when necessary. I thoroughly enjoyed our session and she helped me to get in touch with deeper parts of me in a fun and enjoyable way. Her loving and supportive attitude is inspiring. I can only recommend her and her work.


Be Who You Are

RE-PROGRAM your LIFE in the most playful way–by practicing with your imagination

How would you like to open up to the infinite possibilities your life has stored up inside of you?

left-side of your brain is logical and keeps you safe

If you’re like most people right now, you’re juggling lots of different hats with a jam-packed schedule and many problems to solve which may include how best to take care of your kids, figuring out how to fit in what you love to do and navigating technology that’s constantly changing.

This probably means you spend a LOT of time in your logical, left-side of your brain, which is necessary and keeps us safe and protected. As far as our left-brain is concerned, if it’s unknown, it’s unsafe.

Therefore, when we’re trying to start something new or incorporate better habits, usually, there’s too much risk or time involved. There’s usually no immediate short-term gain plus NO instant gratification which leaves most of us doing the same old thing because it’s just…easier.

bypass the left-brain AND exercise the right-brain

However, there’s a better way…and it’s quickly becoming the best-known secret.

A backdoor into your right brain.

Can you guess what it is?

Yup, you’re right! Creativity!

proven benefits of creativity

  • Creativity increases happiness: being creative reduces anxiety, boosts your mood and slows your heart rate.
  • Creativity improves mental health: it reduces depression and anxiety along with helping you stay present and focused, being creative releases dopamine (the more molecule and helps you feel good), lastly, you can express things on the canvas or paper that you may find difficult to express or even say out loud.
  • Creativity boosts your immune system: it relaxes you and produces feel-good chemicals.
freedom = your imagination

EVEN MORE BENEFITS of creativity

  • Creativity boosts your self-esteem: simply creating something that never existed before leaves one feeling accomplished. That sense of accomplishment grows as we get better and better at expressing ourselves through creativity.
  • Creativity helps you feel connected: being creative opens up a whole new community of like-minded individuals and also can help you feel connected to the greater collective all around us.
  • Creativity makes you smarter: by using the right-side of your brain, you balance out your overused and exhausted left brain which is trying to figure everything out logically. Being creative also encourages problem-solving skills.

you are an infinite being with unlimited potential to create your life the way you want it to be.

Liliboo McGovern Alpha

Are you ready for change?

It all comes down to a decision.

Your decision.

No one else can make it for you.

The reality is is that people everywhere are moving forward in their lives, making positive changes and creating their future the way they’ve always dreamed.

If you’re looking around, like I was, and wondering how they do it, I did, too!

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s their magic wand?”

It’s Right-Brain Power!

Successful humans have learned how to balance their left and right brains.

“Those people” CREATE, dream, then take action.

  • They move forward despite feelings of unease.
  • They take risks knowing they will be able to solve any problem that comes their way.
  • They don’t waste time worrying about things they have no control over.
  • They understand that life is not worth living if they are not creating something of value.

Every moment is a new moment.

Nichiren Daishonin, 13th century Japanese monk

Fulfilled humans practice & strengthen the right-side of their brains by using their imagination, creativity, and intuition on a daily basis.

It doesn’t mean they don’t have fear, however, they don’t allow fear to rule their decisions.

So can you.

Every moment is a new moment to make a different decision, start a new project, head in a new direction and take one step forward. All it takes is a willingness to try something different and make consistent efforts.

How much effort are you willing to put in to you to be able to fully express yourself?

human revolution

There’s currently a revolution happening all over the world; A human revolution where human beings are awakening to the fact that every single individual is a CREATOR that can RISE ABOVE any past limiting beliefs and become UNSTOPPABLE.

Gone are the days of slaving away at a job you hate.

Gone are the days where you have to live up to others’ expectations of who you are or who you should be.

Gone are the days of waiting for someone to save you from your life.

Gone are the days where you need to permission to be who you are.

Freedom to be who you are!

energy is the new resume

You don’t have to have any experience, talent or mastery to open up your life.

Energy is the new resume.

You do have to take action and practice.

self-awareness is the key to everything

It’s not about painting or drawing, it’s about creating self-awareness through engaging our whole brains–both the left and right parts, instead of totally relying on our intellect, logic or knowledge. Our left-brains will always hold us back because it wants to protect us from getting hurt. And the unknown is the unknown which entails risk.

To bring our lives into balance, we need to tap into our intuition, feelings and emotions, which allow us to tap into our passion and curiosity, rather than staying in fear.

When we are grounded, we can follow our passion and use our intellect to help support us in moving in the direction of our dreams.

This creates a sense of fulfillment in our experience as human beings.

the more we practice, the easier it gets

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything.

Once you get the ‘feeling’ of what FREEDOM feels like by practicing that feeling at the canvas, doing whatever you want, using whatever colors your desire, painting whatever shapes appeal to you and painting until you’re satisfied, , you’ll know instantly when you’re being limited or held back or not experiencing freedom and you’ll be able to easily identify actions to line up with your desires.

When we practice and flex our ability, we create flexibility.

When we exercise our preferences and desires at the canvas (portal/mirror), we become more confident, clear and focused on feeling good.

This feeling transfers into every other area of our lives so that we can can easily recognize what might need a touch-up, or where you’re lacking contrast (bored), what feels out of harmony or balance and where you may need to add in some rhythm or consistency.

Are you ready to REVEL in the energies of FREEDOM, JOY & CLARITY?

Awaken your right-brain and access the infinite part of yourself that knows only love, presence, abundance, gratitude and energy.

This part of you is pure possibility and is your birthright.

All that’s required is practice, time and consistency to tap into and strengthen the part of you that has everything you need to thrive in these ever-changing, fast-paced times.

say YES! to being the Artist of your life

It’s easy to get stuck in life and at the canvas and that’s where a trained coach can help you push through your invisible barriers, reframe any negative beliefs, remind you of your strengths, help you identify places that you may want to paint over or work on and keep you accountable to yourself.

Sign up for an hour-long Clarity Session here with Lili and root out a self-limiting belief. See how easy and fun it can be to use your imagination to create your new reality!

If you want more after that, there are several creativity coaching packages available to fit your needs, preferences and budget. Coaching sessions vary in length and content and are personalized just for you!

Capture your ENERGY on CANVAS–It’s magical

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