What have you always dreamed of doing but haven’t done yet?

What are you ready to do now?

  • Write your life story?
  • Own your own company?
  • Publish a book
  • Teach yoga?
  • Learn how to paint?
  • Create an online course?
  • Change your body?
  • Volunteer?
  • Start a YouTube Channel?

Or, maybe you want to switch careers, end a relationship, or find your new tribe of fierce and fabulous radiant beings.

you’ve landed in the right place

you’ve earned it

You’ve arrived in the late summer of your life and you’re still youthful, still have a glow, still have hope and…

  • You still have the courage to take the next step.
  • You recognize you’ve earned the right to take up space AND make noise.
  • You’ve amassed a wide body of knowledge and gained much wisdom and it’s time to integrate all of your experiences and reinvent yourself.

and you could use a little support

You’re tired and you’re stressed. You may be anxious, confused or overwhelmed.

Either way, your energy feels stuck and your life is not flowing the way you want it to or that you thought it would. You may be asking yourself, “How did I end up here?”

Are you tired all the time?

Be your own Joan of Arc

To change the direction of our lives, we have to let go of our past.

That includes re-programming our Operating Systems.

Our Human OS is the way we respond, automatically to the circumstances in our lives.

If you’ve ever found yourself yelling at the driver in the car in front of you or complaining about your co-worker, I can guarantee you learned how to do that from someone in your past.

Was it your mom or dad or friend or teacher?

Who knows?!

The only thing that matters is that we recognize these automated responses as either serving us or disempowering us.

Wasting your precious energy on things you have no control over only robs you of energy that you could be spending on creating a life you adore.

Our histories do NOT have to determine our DESTINY.

If you believe you’re not capable of finding that dream job, then chances are you not only won’t get that dream job, you’ll settle for something that better reflects your self-image.

If you believe you’re not worthy of that ideal relationship then you’re probably settling for connection rather than love and living a mediocre life of frustration and pain.

If you believe you deserve less than the best, then you may be punishing yourself unknowingly through overeating, too much shopping, or binging on tv to distract yourself from the pain of actually taking a good, hard look at where you’re at.

  Reset your beliefs
Reset your beliefs

the GAP between your dreams and reality

Chances are there’s a pretty big gap between the reality you want to be experiencing and what you are actually experiencing, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

But thoughts change and beliefs can, too.

We each must take radical responsibility for our lives. Every part of our lives. No one else can make our reality for us. No one else even knows what we need or want. And no one else is ever in control of what we believe. Hallelujah!

Are you going to keep fighting for your beliefs or create new ones?

We can fight for our old beliefs, keep thinking the same thoughts over and over and stay stuck in the past or we can create new thoughts, new beliefs and a New Operating System which will give us DIFFERENT Results.

Are you ready to take advantage of all you’ve experienced, integrating what serves you and releasing what doesn’t?

What’s waiting for you is a deeply fulfilled life emerging from constantly creating new realities for yourself, stepping into new desires and fulfilling new dreams with the realization that you are in control.

And… by knowing the truth about yourselve, how you operate, why you do the things you do and what drives your deepest desires you become self-aware.

You become able to take care of your own needs instead of looking OUTSIDE to others to fill those needs for you.

the truth is…you are adored

The truth about you is that deep inside each one of us, at our very core, we have an Inner Being, our own Inner Goddess/God/Spirit, our High Self or authentic Self.

It’s not a part of you–it is you. The Self with a capital “S”, the one who understands that you are absolute pure, positive, chronic liquid love and that you are worthy, you are joy and you have an authentic path that only you can travel.

That Inner Being adores you and knows what you want and what you need to be fulfilled and satisfied.

Enter the TRUE Law of Attraction

Dissatisfaction arises when we lose alignment with our Self. When we hold false beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities, our energy becomes split and unbalanced. We start to feel frustration, fear and anger.

We broadcast those negative vibrational energies or e-motions out to the world and the Law of Attraction matches those negative vibrations and expands what you’re transmitting–more negativity.

We begin to experience pain, illness and dis-ease. We attract chaos from our co-workers, spouse and friends. We live in fear of change, anticipating that what’s happened to us in the past is going to happen to us in the future. The chaos in our hearts and minds is reflected back to us in our surrounding environment.

So how do we move forward? How can we change our thoughts and beliefs to align with our inner being? How do we feel better and rewrite our fairy tale endings?

Rewrite your fairy tale ending
Rewrite your fairy tale ending

We move forward by aligning with our truest self. That inner being that loves us unconditionally and when we love ourselves unconditionally, that is when we feel joy. Radiance. Eagerness. Anticipation. Excitement. Love. Ease. Flow.

Alignment looks like this: You are who you are with whoever you’re with and wherever you go.

No matter what.

You can shine as your High Self at work, at home or in the gym. ‘With your boss or your best friend.

You can bring your best self everywhere.

You can be your authentic and true brilliant self. Your ideal concept of yourself.

Alignment = Joy

The way we get into alignment is with intention, focus and awareness of our emotions. When we get practiced at becoming aware of how we’re feeling in each moment, we can control the vibrations we’re sending out.

You then begin to create a reality based on your own inner truth and knowing rather than relying on the conditions and noises of the outside world to tell you who you are and how you should be or could be.

You are in control of your destiny and your happiness.

so here’s the joyful essence…

You are adored.

You are worthy.

You are beautiful.

You are eternal.

You are life.

You are loved.

You are adored.

the flashlight and mirror

When we decide to work together, as the guide-by-your-side, I become your flashlight and your mirror while holding Sacred space for you to transform, grow and develop.

  • A flashlight to show you your gifts that you’ve tucked away and forgotten about. I’ll also help light up ways you can shift your focus to what makes you feels better. All the time. Or at least most of the time.
  • A mirror to help you clarify your vision of your future, recognize and reflect the brilliance of who you really are and help you embrace the abundance of all your life has to offer.

Based on a proven, reliable, repeatable system of transformation along with ancient Buddhist philosophy and all the techniques, tools, meditation, tips, tricks, shortcuts and analogies I’ve collected, I will help you set sail on the ocean of your dreams!

You’re the captain! I’m simply along for the short ride until you find your bearings. I’ll help you stock the boat with the supplies you’ll need and shore up faith in your abilities so that you know AND believe you can get to the other side.

Beware, there’s effort involved (no worries, you got this!)

And practice. That’s the best part because you’ll get results FAST!

And I promise there are never, ever any tests.

Here’s what we’ll play with:

  1. Establish Your Core Identity: Asking and answering the question of “Who are you?”
  2. Identify Your Core Values: Explore what drives you in life to do the things you do.
  3. Focus on self-worth and self-love: Live from the Inside-Out
  4. Uncover and release subconscious beliefs and old patterned ways of thinking and being that are the root cause of what’s holding you back.
  5. Goal-Setting with practical exercises.
  6. Harness the power of gratitude to unleash your happiness.
  7. Rewire your daily habits so that they reflect your deepest beliefs.
  8. Align Yourself: Build a relationship with your Inner Being and learn how to discover your inspiration.

You’ll be able to chart your progress in real time and in the real world by becoming aware of how your environment responds to you and you will be able to recognize a growing awareness of your ability to manifest in accordance with your allowance and desires.


All I ask of you is that you be present and committed to participate during our sessions.

Are you willing to devote one hour of your time to yourself and only yourself?

You’ve got to be selfish. Just for a while and in the best ways.

This will be your dedicated time to really focus on what you need to fulfill you and make your dreams your reality.

gift yourself with….

“m e” t i m e

d r e a m t i m e

b e t i m e

r e s e t t i m e

f l o w t i m e

My role is to support you by listening and understanding what you need. Then, together we create and tailor your path of discovery so we work within your abilities and at your own pace until you reach a place of inner knowing and inner belief that you can create your own reality that is in alignment with your authentic being.

this type of life coaching is not for everyone

This is life coaching for you, if :

  • You’re someone who knows you have much to offer but for some reason can’t quite make it happen.

  • You know it’s not about how you look but about how you feel.

  • You are a life-long learner and truth-seeker, someone who enjoys finding out about themselves and shows up with an open mind.

  • You understand that creating a new life is about progress, not perfection.

  • You’re ready to get in touch with your emotions and get a little messy.

  • You just need a little nudge to take that first step onto the path of your future where anything is possible.

laugh with me

I’m not a therapist, I’m not a doctor and I’m not here to offer sympathy. My role as your guide and transformational coach is to support you with everything I’ve become and learned and know and sit side-by-side with you at the table with passion and eagerness and joy.

I’m always ready to readjust our course during our journey, change directions when needed and help keep you steady on the path to your greatest joy. We will laugh. A lot.

you have everything you need

And when we’ve finished our work together, you will know that you have everything you need inside of you. By practicing self-awareness, you’ll begin to move with the flow of the current, not against it. I’ll encourage you to quit trying to paddle upstream (it’s such a relief!) and you may even (this takes COURAGE) try lifting that paddle out altogether and float for just a little while.

You’ll be able to shift your kayak in the direction of the momentum we’ve created and let the current do the rest of the work.

go with the flow
Go with the flow

you don’t have to do it alone

Two heads are better than one, and when you hire me, I am unconditional in my support and will not indulge in complaints, excuses or limiting beliefs. We will start right here, right where you’re at and we’ll only look back to help clarify what you don’t want while we focus on what you can do right now to take the next step and the next step and the next step. Because every moment is a new moment to change and grow and thrive in your bliss.

We’ll listen to your inner being and let her reveal what you’re ready for and delight in how fun and exciting life can be again.

 One step at a time beginning now
one step at a time beginning now

be the creator you were meant to be

I can’t promise you that you’ll turn your whole life around in one session or 2 or 8 AND I will promise you there’s hope for your future.

I promise that you’ll start thinking about things differently. I will spark an appetite for adventure. You will hear my voice in the back of your head to listen to your own inner voice. And you’ll begin to create rather than react. You’ll quit holding your breath, choking back tears and begin to revel in abandon and abundance.

Alignment means living in your authenticity
alignment means living in abundant joy

How much more luxurious does it get than to be able to be comfortable with who you are and live in the truth of who you’ve become? And life, your life can just keep getting better and better and better and more fun and filled with more adventure and more sparkles and glitter and treasures. Filled with treasures of the heart. Filled with the treasures of your heart.

master your mind

Everything changes, nothing is permanent. Especially our mindsets. They can be the simplest to change or the hardest but they do change. All the time. And based on what you think, you take action. Not everything you think is true. Let’s find out if what you think is true, is, in fact, truly supporting you.

In the words of an ancient, Buddhist monk, “Master your mind. Don’t let your mind master you.”

One inspired thought leads to another
One inspired thought leads to another

It only takes one small inspired thought to change the course of your life. Let that small thought gain momentum by making the decision to put yourself first. Be selfish in the best way.

write your new story

Fight for your beliefs and you can have them. Beliefs are just thoughts we have over and over and over again. We’ve practiced them and they’ve become comfortable and may even feel like they’re true. BUT, if we keep believing we are our past, we will continue to be our past.

You are not your past history. You are brilliant. You are radiant. You are pure source energy and you can start your new story from this moment on.

Are you ready to write your new story?
Are you ready to write your new story?

My passion is to share what I’ve learned with those who are ready to take their place on the world stage, own their alignment, believe in themselves and build a better world. When one person is happy, waves of happiness radiate out. When one person changes, that change penetrates the whole fabric of the universe and serves to expand the evolution of our world.

Feel the love

If you are ready (and, if you’ve read this far I know you’re ready) and if any or all of this sounds like it’s ringing your bell and you already feel a warm virtual hug in your heart, schedule a FREE 30-minute Support Call with me and we can explore the possibilities of working together.

You’ll find out some of the top ways you may be sabotaging yourself and your next best step, whether it’s with me or someone else.

I’m not for everyone and there definitely needs to be a spark of joy from both of us. If I’m not right for you, I encourage you to find someone else who is because sometimes, we all need a helping hand and it sounds like you’re ready. None of us has to do it alone.

    Abundance surrounds you and flows from you...

I eagerly await to learn what new stories emerge from this moment on. Click the button below, choose a time that works for you and let’s get you started on the next chapter of your NEW LIFE!