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Are you thinking about investing some time and money into creating the rest of your life the way you want to live it?

Read on….

don’t settle for mediocrity

Most people spend more time and money planning their weddings and vacations, than on the way they want to live the rest of their lives.

Many people live an okay life in an okay way, conforming to societal values and parental programming.

BUT, there are the BRAVE FEW who are searching for something else, looking for a different way of being who are simply not prepared to live this way any longer…. They KNOW there’s more.

  • There is MORE to life than the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly GRIND and repetition of the same old same old.
  • There are MORE WAYS than one instead of ‘following the footsteps’ which have been laid out for them.
  • There are MORE opportunities, HUGE opportunities, available for major lifestyle changes and transformations for an easier, simpler way of ‘being’.
  • There is MORE to learn about themselves and life–it’s never-ending the supply of new information and solutions that are becoming available through the internet.
  • That with a little MORE time spent figuring out their own psychology, they can open their life in ways that have never known possible.
  • That MORE magic is real and available to those who are seeking.

are you one of those who is ready for MORE?

Are you in a job where you’re not valued and recognized for your talents?

Are you in a relationship that doesn’t serve you or you feel is holding you back?

Are you looking for a new way to show up in this world? A new identity? A new you?

There is a better way and Peter Sage has packaged it up in a proven Mindset Busting Experience called the Elite Mentorship Forum LITE!

distilled from the BEST

The EMF-Lite Experience is developed specifically to provide a ‘Taste’ of EMF – the world-renowned Elite Mentorship Forum Personal Transformation and Self Development course created and developed by International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Human Behavior expert, Peter Sage.

The full 27-week Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) program:

  • Addresses every single area of human behavior.
  • Dives deep into how our psychology is formed, dissected and rebuilt.
  • Deals with how we embrace, without question, the way most of us are conditioned into believing there is only one way to live life.
  • Provides an amazing toolkit of learning that allows us to live more freely and consciously than we would ever have believed possible.
  • Guarantees for those that Trust the Process and more importantly Do the Work the result of complete transformation from the being of how we are, to the being of who we really want, and have always wanted, to be.

The EMF-Lite Experience therefore includes parts of two of the most effective modules from the foundational Phase 1 of the three-phase EMF program: Wealth & Abundance, and Mastering Emotions.

These impactful modules have been especially chosen due to their proven significant and powerful transformational influence on participant’s lives, giving rise to testimonials such as “I have more than received value for my money and I am only a third of the way through this amazing course!”

Just the content from these two modules alone provides an insightful and compelling overview of the transformational power of the full EMF program.

In addition, and as a bonus (now synonymous with the style through which Peter works), three extra sections providing a further 160 minutes of content from the ‘Two Days with Peter Sage’ workshop filmed in 2021, where this version of the EMF Modules were introduced, have been included.

Peter Sage

Course Creator and Mentor

Peter Sage is a leading world authority on effective personal transformation and one of the most sought-after mentors and personal one-to-one coaches in the world today.

He is one of the few qualified Trainers for Robbins Research International (as recognised by the Robbins-Madanes Institute) and worked alongside Tony Robbins at his events for over 15 years.

Peter has an innate ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level. His work identifies and helps shift both overt and unconscious patterns of limiting behaviour to create lasting change.

Committed to sharing his accrued 30 years of knowledge (having studied with top mentors such as Dan Peña, Dr. Joe Dispenza, NASA Physicist Tom Campbell) Peter has created the EMF – described as probably the most modern, exciting, affordable, authentic, effective, refreshing, and valuable personal transformation program ever created.

Tomorrow may never come.

We never know what will happen between now and then.

Your point of POWER is ALWAYS in the NOW.

In the words of Peter, “We can never run out NOW.”

♥ know you are loved ♥

♥I ᒪOᐯE YOᑌ♥

The Universe Loves ♥ You.

Your ancestors and transitioned ♥ᒪOᐯEᗪ OᑎEᔕ ♥ are all cheering you on and guiding you from sidelines.

Let’s meet in the Field of Possibilities where everything you can imagine is real and we are  ♥ LOVE ♥