Dolores Cannon

The awakening is the purpose. The awakening of the fact that in essence we are light, we are love. Each cell of our body, each cell and molecule of everything. The power source that runs all life is light. So to awaken to that knowledge, and to desire to operate in that realm, and to believe that it is possible, are all factors that will put you there.

Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon and QHHT®

Dolores Cannon’s career spans almost 50 years as a past life regression hypnotherapist, author and internationally renowned speaker. She’s written 19 books, lectured all over the world and pioneered the groundbreaking healing technique known as the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique which has changed the lives of thousands of individuals for the better.

Through her many years of practice and investigation, she continued to teach and heal until her death in 2014 and has left behind a legacy which is carried on today by her daughter, Julia Cannon and a growing body of QHHT® Practitioners around the world.

Dolores always said that we are here to create our lives within the boundaries of physical limitations and emotions. Every human is a great and powerful being composed of energy and light and we create our lives according to our beliefs and thoughts. The purpose of life is to awaken to the power each of us holds within and to exercise our free will for the good of all mankind.

messages from the body

Dolores reports that the human body is a remarkable machine. It’s built to take care of itself, including the communication system we are set up with, our brain/body connection. Every cell in the body is constantly being replenished and replaced. It can usually handle anything we put in it or do to it in small amounts. The most natural state of the body is perfect health at all times.

She found that every ache, pain or symptom that shows up in the body is the subconscious trying to give us a message. The problems begin when there’s a disconnect between body and mind that comes from an unprocessed, emotional event.

If we don’t heed the messages the body is giving us and we continue going along the same path, doing the same things, the pain worsens and begins overflowing to other parts of the body. Stress causes inflammation, inflammation causes aches and eventually becomes pain. Pain become illness and illness, unchecked, becomes disease.

what’s happening?

In her many years of practice, Dolores discovered that the best way to heal the body was to get to the root cause of the suffering. She often found that the roots of the disease or illness were usually caused by emotional traumas suffered in childhood or even went back to an injury from a previous lifetime(s). She always asked the question, “What’s happening in the person’s life that could be causing this?”

She began to notice patterns in people’s illnesses ie., back problems indicated that the person may be carrying too heavy a load emotionally, arthritis in the hands may be an indication that the person isn’t able to ‘let go’ of some trauma or issue, feet or knee problems could indicate that the client was having problems taking the next step forward or found themselves stagnating, migraines could be a past life injury to the head, etc…

decode the messages from your body

Her daughter, Julia Cannon published the book entitled, Soul Speak, to outline and decode how the body ‘talks’ to us through various aches, pains and illnesses based on her own and Dolores’ findings.

no such thing as accidents

If we continue to ignore the body’s messages, eventually, the subconscious will hit us ‘up side the head’, literally or physically through accidents or mishaps. Because sometimes it takes something drastic to get your attention.

There are no such things as accidents. Accidents are the body’s last resort to get you to stop, take stock, make changes and shift directions. Anytime the body is out of balance or your life is out of balance the body will let you know somehow.

when the message is received, the body can heal

Once the reason for the accident or disease or challenge is discovered, the body no longer needs to send the message and can work on healing itself. This healing can take place immediately and, in many cases, miraculously. The body is designed to heal itself and our ability to heal is only limited by our own beliefs and thoughts.

Sometimes, she found that some people were not ready to let go of a disease or illness because of secondary gain. This is usually completely UNCONSCIOUS and can stem from a variety of reasons such as false beliefs, programming and other free will choices.

In my work in the last few years, I have found more and more people are becoming aware of their true soul origins and their purpose for being alive at the present time. It appears that now is the time for it all to be revealed to them. It is time to be consciously aware.

Dolores Cannon, The Convoluted Universe vol. II, pg. 484

mind + body + spirit = health

Also, if it’s part of the soul’s mission to experience a certain handicap or challenge in order to learn certain lessons, sometimes the subconscious won’t allow that healing to occur. However, it’s very comforting to know why you may have taken on a particular challenge of suffering. A soul’s purpose for living on the planet at this time is unique and every human experience is required for the growth, evolution and expansion of all consciousness, therefore each human existence serves the greater collective at all times. That’s why we are each necessary co-creators and components in this physical reality.

There are no limitations unless you create them yourself.

Dolores Cannon

Dolores never claimed to heal anybody, though. She always emphasized that,“It’s the client’s own body healing itself.” Her mission was to spread her findings and technique. Ultimately, her legacy is the knowledge that we each have this innate, inner ability to know ourselves, the answers to all of our questions and the key to heal our own bodies.

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Dolores Cannon
Investigative Journalist
& Time Traveler

Explain: the evolution of the heart and compassion is what is missing technically. Humans have proceeded to technological advances before without heart balance, without heart evolution. And it has been disastrous. So we are here to evolve heart first until the heart is aligned with this knowledge.”

Dolores Cannon, The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth