Soul Speak Session

This comes as a testimonial of recommendation for Lili McGovern’s wonderfully grounding Soul Speak session I embarked on recently.

With some gentle breathwork connection, closed eyes and tuning in, Lili expertly & intuitively spoke directly to my Higher Self around my feeling so scattered this particular day!

Through a series of short questions of inquiry, I was able to respond to myself, and Lili, the reasoning behind these emotional and physical reactions, then offering the right solution for the issues at hand without being attached to anything.

Knowing without doubt [that] the Soul’s own innate wisdom, to provide the answers the heart seeks and with Lili’s guidance, they came effortlessly and easily!

In deepest Gratitude 🙏

Lisa M. Jones

be your own doctor and healer

Our bodies are magnificent machines that we have decided to house ourselves in for whatever duration we choose for this experience we call our life. These machines are made to operate flawlessly with no aches, pains or illnesses and can heal themselves of any mishaps if we do not interfere. So if we are designed to never be sick, why is there so much illness and disease? Why are so many of us constantly in states of pain and discomfort? Could it be there is more to this than meets the eye?…It has been told to me that it is very important that we stop looking outside ourselves for the answers. Stop looking for someone or something else to ‘fix’ us. We have all the answers inside…”

Julia Cannon, Soul Speak Introduction
Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body

you are not alone

A Soul Speak Session will teach you how to illuminate the hidden messages your body is sending you when you manifest dis-ease of any kind.

You are not your body, you are an unlimited soul clothed in a temporary body ‘suit’ which allows you to create and fulfill your life’s mission and plan in this physical reality.

Even though we may have forgotten we’re infinite, powerful creators, we came in equipped with everything we need to survive and thrive on this physical plane encompassed within our bodies.

Any ache, pain, illness or dis-ease is the body’s way of letting us know when we need to re-focus, change direction or discontinue down a certain path.

at your convenience, no hypnosis necessary

A Soul Speak Session can be conducted online, by phone or in-person, and it usually takes about 30-90 minutes depending on where you’re at in your journey.

The practitioner and client simply talk about the issue(s) along with a short question and answer session designed to help you understand how to operate the physical body you’ve been given in this manifestation and how to interpret the body’s messages so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

You’ll be able to address 1-3 issues that you are being challenged with or want answers to. If you have more than that, you’ll be able to continue the work on your own by using the simple process outlined and practiced in the session.

Alternatively, if you have a longer list of symptoms or want more time, consider a QHHT® or BQH session where we can dive deep into your consciousness.

Soul Speak Sessions can be done online, by phone or in-person!

let me be your mirror and flashlight

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to help a friend “see” the root cause of their issue, yet, when it comes to yourself, there may be a block?

Oftentimes, we need a mirror and a flashlight–someone outside of us who’s not invested in the outcome and has no expectations.

A Soul Speak Practitioner acts as a catalyst to expand your awareness and helps you help yourself.

After your session, you’ll be given the step-by-step process to continue to practice and refine your ability to diagnose and heal yourself.

instant healing vs. healing over time

Despite the short session, instant healing is always possible. Once the message has been decoded and received the body no longer needs to send that signal in the form of the symptoms.

Most clients find relief or respite right away and if the issue is not completely resolved (after all it’s taken you time to get to where you’re at and it may take time to resolve), there’s always a clear path of action to take to resolve it.

Symptoms fly away after the message is received!

As with QHHT® or any energy healing, it’s always up to each individual to continue the healing process by making any necessary changes and/or implementing new practices so that their healing continues over time.

is Soul Speak right for you?

  • Soul Speak is for you if you are suffering from a chronic pain, illness or disease and you’re ready to let it go.
  • Soul Speak is for you if you understand that your body is an extension of your consciousness and that it can physically manifest your emotional issues.
  • Soul Speak is for you if you are ready to empower yourself.

ready to let go?

When you’re ready to let go of an issue that’s been plaguing you for a while or for a whole lifetime, schedule a Soul Speak Session with Lili, a Certified Soul Speak Practitioner today.

You’ll learn how to navigate and decode the messages your body has sent you in the past and how to work with your body moving forward in the future so that you can understand and heal from any issue that manifests in your body.

Thanks a million for yesterday! I am so appreciative of our Soul Speak session together.

MN, Wisconsin