Guidance given from the high self

We all have a High Self ready to express!

˚Superconsciousness is heightened awareness. It is true wisdom involving intuition before reason and emotions. Superconsciousness is the awareness of oneself in perfect love, ineffable joy, and calm, expansive wisdom.

life’s goal

What’s the purpose of human existence? It’s to make known the unknown…what we’re really here to do is to push the envelope of creation…As creator-Gods we are here to manifest reality in a new, original form and give the world new experiences. This is the evolution of consciousness.

Alan Steinfeld

Master impeccable creative expression dedicated to the highest evolution of all souls. Find as many experiences as possible that bring you joy.

High Self, Sara Landon
everything is perfect

When it feels like your entire life is falling apart, just let it. Because it’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place.

High Self, Anon

There is NO thing wrong in the universe.

Osairah, a collection of 12 non-physical beings
on apologizing

Please stop apologizing for yourselves…Never, ever apologize for who you are or ask another to do that of themselves.

Jacque Nelson, The Mary Group
what can I do?

Creator sees the world through billions of pairs of eyes. Creator created billions of pairs of hands and billions of pairs of feet. And it will offend no one if we say that Creator, whatever you wish to call that force, lives within each of you. And each of you asks, “But what can I do?” The answer, dear humans, is that you can do whatever is placed before you this day to do, in the very best way you know how. No one expects any more from you than that. You have THE hands. You have THE feet. You are here. Do what is given you to do and support others to do their parts, as well.

High Self of Ron A Head
on remembering who you are

You truly know everything already. You don’t need to learn anything. Earth is not a school. You’re not learning lessons, you’re not learning anything. You already know it all. You’re just here to remember that. You’re here to remember who you are. You are here to remember where you are from, what you are made of, what you truly are, which is God. You are here to remember that you have always been the master.

High Self of Anon
on judging others

You can never, ever, ever, ever, ever know, truly know, or really know or ever really know, what another soul comes into a body for in a particular incarnation. You can never know why one does this or that. Why it looks like a person is doing this, “This person is not thinking for themselves, they’ve lost themselves, they’re just happy to be in the moment” as you say.

Well, you have absolutely zero idea of why that soul is choosing that set, that participation, that lifetime, that system, that way; you have no idea what that soul is gaining. It could be a healing from a previous lifetime, it could be something that it is working inwardly that you have no idea of and will never have an idea about. Do you understand?

So when you see a person who is sitting on the side of the street and who is in the gutter, maybe using drugs, alcohol, cannot get himself out of there, do not ever have pity. Help if you feel the inclination to help but do not ever have pity or judgement.

Osairah, a collection of 12 non-physical beings
an abundance affirmation

Galore! Galore! I have everything I need and more!

High Self, Sara Landon
on the role of a hypnotist

Shifting the vibrational frequencies through yourself as a kind of vibrational conduit in whatever way you need to at the moment to provide the environmental vibration that’s necessary for your clients to then match so that they can bring themselves to the proper state for the transformations to take place that are required of them….you’re a resonant instrument.

High Self, Bashar