Lili’s response to frequently asked questions…

Lili McGovern
Certified QHHT® Practitioner


Can I be hypnotized?


Yes, everyone has the potential to be hypnotized (and it’s so much fun!) AND some people do not allow themselves to relax and surrender. The deeper Theta state (where the magic happens) occurs at least twice a day for EVERYONE–right before you fall asleep and right after you wake up.

Most us walk around in a trance state throughout much of our days. If you can fall asleep, then you CAN be hypnotized AND all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You’re the STAR of your session and the more you allow yourself to relax and follow my voice, the easier it is to get into a trance state.

We all visit many different states throughout the day–you’re likely in a light trance (Alpha) state when you’re washing dishes, driving the car or watching television.

It also happens when you’re daydreaming deeply or can be accessed through meditation.


Will you make me cluck like a chicken?


Of course not! I won’t make you do anything. I’m here to hold space, amplify your energy and keep your physical body safe.

You are always in control of what you say and do.

My job is to simply guide you to a most wonderful state of relaxation and whatever else happens is completely up to you and your High Self.

Most people experience hypnosis as a sort of focused daydream, while still being aware of their surroundings, dogs barking, and cars driving by.

A very few people experience a state (somnambulistic state) where they don’t remember anything that happens in session and that is so much more rare these days as compared to the 1960’s when Dolores began her practice.

When you simply allow yourself to relax and go with the flow, you’ll be amazed at the amount of information you have stored up inside of you just waiting for the opportunity to be released.


What if I’m making it up?


Of course you’re making it up.

We’re all creating our lives every minute of everyday.

As Dolores says, “Just make it up, we have to start somewhere.

REMEMBER, you’re always making up something completely different, unique and reflective of who you are, what you value and your current understanding.

Our dreams and daydreams contain so much information. What you visualize and experience will always be unique to you and contain exactly what you need to hear, feel or experience at the moment.


What if I experience intense feelings in session?


That’s what I’m here for. I’m trained to remind you that you are safe, no matter what’s taking place.

A QHHT® Session is designed to help you shift stuck energy in the form of emotions, which usually looks like crying, breathing and feeling.

All healing requires a commitment to surrender, being receptive and open to what arises.

I‘ll always encourage you to sink into what you’re feeling in the moment, ride the waves of emotions, swirl around with them until they are ready to exit, gracefully.

Remember, you always have control and you can always view things as an observer at anytime. Which I’ll remind you of.


What’s the difference between QHHT® and
Past Life Regression Therapy?


A QHHT® session may or may not access a past life, you’ll get exactly what you need to move forward in your life. Whatever happens during a session will always relate to this current lifetime to help propel you forward in your growth and expansion. Anybody can benefit from a QHHT® Session provided they are open and willing to surrender to the process.

You don’t have to believe in past life regression or reincarnation for a QHHT® Session to work. You only have to believe that change is possible and that you can change.

A QHHT® Session is guided by your high self or subconscious and the practitioner simply directs the process while you answer your own questions and heal your own body.

Remember, your High Self will only give you as much as you can process at any one time.


Can we shorten the session?



Dolores Cannon taught that a QHHT® session cannot be rushed. It has taken you many years to create your life the way it is and it will require time and patience to resolve any deep-seated issues that may be creating perceived “blocks” in your life. 

I always set aside the whole day to devote to you, your growth and transformation. A big part of an authentic QHHT® experience and the most important component in a fulfilling session is the time both the client and practitioner carve out together to create something magical.

And remember, experiencing a QHHT® session is just the beginning of your transformation. Your healing will continue for days, months and years after the session.


Why do you have to record the session?


Most people think they’ve come in for the session but what they really came in for is the recording, which is pure gold. That being said, you can choose to use the recording or not. It’s your personalized blueprint for moving forward and an indicator of where you’re currently at.

To use a map, we must know where we are before we can get to where we’re going.

The recording is a beautiful testament to the journey you took and contains all the answers that you gave to yourself and the healing that was accomplished.

It’s up to you how often you choose to listen to it and I know from personal experience that I learn something new each time I re-listen to one of my own sessions. It’s easy to get caught up in daily life and forget what happened so it’s vital to remember the magic whenever you feel called.

Lastly, it serves as a blueprint to your ideal future, customized specifically for you and by you. Download it immediately and listen to it as often as possible.


How much does it cost?


Well, let’s change the word cost to investment and ask, “What would be the value of reversing 20, 30, or 60 year’s worth of false programming, guilt, anxiety or depression?”

How much will you pay or have you paid for a medical procedures, medications and/or surgery?

A QHHT® Session may completely transform your life and, literally, save you thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on therapy or medical bills.

In my opinion, one cannot put a dollar amount on the value of a QHHT® Session–it’s a unique, amazing, and transformational experience unlike any other I’ve ever experienced.

For an authentic QHHT® Session, it may run upwards of $1000. I recognize that at this particular time, finances can be a hindrance and as I’m passionate about bringing QHHT® to as many people as possible, I’m committed to offering an affordable rate for a whole day session.

Take advantage of this limited time offer!


Who can benefit from QHHT®?


Anyone who is open to the process and over the age of 17.

If you’re in transition, unsure of your next move, experiencing some sort of crisis, suffer from chronic pain or disease, feel trapped, feel alone, need advice or just feel like you’re stuck, a QHHT® Session may be transformational.

If you feel unfulfilled, stressed out, have no passion, a QHHT® Session can help shift your energy so that you can move forward confidently.

If you’ve experienced missing time, or have unexplained phenomena in your life, been abducted by ET’s, and have no one to talk to about this, a QHHT® Session may be just what you need to uncover explanations and find answers.

If you’re searching for your purpose, don’t know why you’re here, have a hard time fitting in, can’t quite seem to get the hang of life on earth, or simply curious about what a session can do for you, a QHHT® Session is perfect for you.


What are the limitations of QHHT®?


QHHT® is not recommended for those under 18 years of age, those who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or multiple personality disorders, or those who are deaf or can’t speak.

If you’ve been diagnosed or know that you exhibit symptoms of any of the above, it is possible to use QHHT® for answers and possible healing. Ask somebody close to you such as a parent, child, sibling or close friend to represent you in a Surrogate Session. That person would answer your questions for you, including any questions about healing.

QHHT® is an IN-PERSON experience.

If you’re unable to travel to the practitioner, they may be able to travel to you and if you’re open to energy healing, an online BQH session may be an option.


How can I choose the best practitioner?


I’m always going to encourage you to listen to the voice of your heart.

I’m happy to chat with you on the phone for a 15-minute consultation to see if we’re a match, send me a quick note, including your phone number on the contact form and I’ll get in touch as soon as I can.

If we’re not a match, for any reason, there are many wonderful and competent practitioners and I’m sure you’ll be able find someone else you resonate with. Check the Official QHHT® site for somebody else near you.

That being said, I trust the process, recognize and respect boundaries, possess a soothing voice (or so I’ve been told) and it’s my mission to keep you as safe, protected and comfortable as humanly possible.

I won’t judge anything you say and I won’t offer unsolicited advice.

I understand that a QHHT® Session is designed about you and for you and for the day of your session, you are the STAR of YOUR MOVIE!

I’m awake, ready and willing to serve humanity and help Mother Earth in her ascension process. If you are, too, then we’ll probably get along great!