Clarity Session

Just had an amazing Clarity Session with Lili McGovern! She helped me get to the root of my stubborn perfectionism, use my imagination to visualize a new belief/goal, + make my own Yantra in ONE HOUR. Feeling so grateful + inspired to cultivate more ease + flow in my creative expression. Book your own session + get inspired at the FB Group: “Powerful JOY: Playground of Imagination “! Thank you, Lili!

Julie Mae T.

Why do we allow our minds to take us down when we are really here to BLOOM?

Whitney Freya

Are you searching for clarity?

Are you looking for peace of mind?

Is there a limiting belief holding you back?

clarity session

In a Clarity Session, we explore your consciousness by accessing your imagination as a tool to help you overcome any limiting belief you have through a simple conversation. A Clarity Session does not involve hypnosis.

Sessions are fun, easy and can be done in-person or online. A session lasts approximately 1 hour. You may work on 1-3 limiting beliefs, depending on time, and once you’ve got the process down, you’ll be able to practice at home all by yourself!

imagine possibilities

Human beings have an incredible capacity of imagination. It’s the creative energy that drives our lives forward and keeps life interesting. However, when our creative energies are directed in a negative way it can limit us by creating fear.

A Clarity Session allows you to discover and explore in-depth an area of your life that is holding you back, causing you to worry or limits you in some way.

After all, why should we keep throwing gas on the fire of worry, fear and limitations when we can add it to the bonfire of joy, creativity, love and compassion?

symbols are powerful!

Symbols are the language of the soul and there are many that are universal, such as the triangle, square, circle, spiral and addition sign. The symbolic language is powerful because instead of working in the left-side of your brain, it bypasses the critical left-brain and speaks directly to your heart.

In a Clarity Session, we generate a symbol that has special meaning for you and reminds you of your new, empowering beliefs.

use both sides of your brain

The more you focus on what you want, the less you feed what you don’t want. The more we access the right-side of our brain for creative solutions, the more balanced, whole, happier and aligned we become.

By accessing the right-side of our brains, we can overcome those limiting beliefs with new, positively-focused beliefs that allow us to move forward with confidence, peace and a clear head along with providing you a symbol as a tool to remind you of that newfound belief.

ready to shift?

If you’re ready to make a shift and access the right-side of your brain in a fun and easy way (no hypnosis) book your Clarity Session today with Lili McGovern.

I had an amazing clarity/coaching session with Lili which I found most helpful. I was surprised, I always am surprised, how the information is channeled in so effortlessly.

Another thank you to Lili for showing me the soul scribbles. I must say that these are a really fun way to approach limiting beliefs and I would highly recommend a Clarity Session to anyone.

Stacey K.