video education

inspirational vids from some of my fave mentors

The awakening is the purpose.

Dolores Cannon
The Investigative Journalist and Time Traveler

Knowledge is power, but knowledge about yourself is self empowerment.

Dr. Joe Dispenza
He wrote Becoming Supernatural about accessing your latent mind powers and how to achieve it.

You were born to be healthy and the key to vibrant health is within you.

Dr. Christiane Northrup
For all women’s issues body, mind and spirit!

Dedicated to Energy Healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds and anyone going through the ascension process right now.

Steve Nobel
Amazing transmissions, meditations and affirmations
Peter aka Modern-Day Jesus

The Elite Mentoship Forum changed my life forever and I’ll be forever grateful. Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself.

How can we heal our bodies? With science…

Louise Hay

Intelligence Embodied

Your mind makes you strong from within. It is your wise companion.

Wim Hof
The most amazing breathwork that gets results NOW!

The ideal human diet looks like this: Consume plant-based foods in forms as close to their natural state as possible (“whole” foods). Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, and whole grains. Avoid heavily processed foods and animal products. Stay away from added salt, oil, and sugar.

T. Colin Campbell
Why go vegan? Why not….

We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing and most profound miracles.

Gregg Braden
Pray as if it has already happened…