books: the portal to other timelines

here’s some of Lili’s fave books and recommendations

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We come into this lifetime equipped with everything we need to survive and thrive all contained within the miracle of our body.

The body relays messages to us all the time but if we don’t listen, the body begins manifesting symptoms, illness and disease.

Decode your body aches and pains and learn how to listen to your body so you can live your best, most healthy life!

Have you ever wondered what happens to you after you die? Join Dolores as she explores the death experience through 100’s of her client’s memories of past lives all reporting the same experience.

Explorations include: Different levels of existence in the spirit realm, ghosts and poltergeists, and Karmic relationships. Visit the Temple of Wisdom with its colorful light-filled Healing Chambers, the Tapestry Room and more places that may even jog your own memory!

“Every act, thought, and choice adds to a permanent mosaic; our decisions ripple through the universe of consciousness to affect the lives of all.”

The Map of Consciousness outlines all the stages of awareness based on either Fear (FORCE) or Love (POWER). Power wins over force everytime over time. That means that LOVE will always win and fear is for entertainment purposes only.

Find out why in this remarkable dive into consciousness and all the ways we show up in this world.

Dolores Cannon hypnotized thousands of people and considered herself to be an investigative journalist. She corroborated many of her findings among different individuals bringing through similar or identical stories. Prepare to have your mind bent.

“This is the story of two normal people, who accidentally stumbled across past lives while working with a doctor to help a patient to relax. It began so innocently…”

We stand at a tremendous precipice, the world around us ripe for transformation—a transformation that can only begin within each one of us.

Our experience of life on this planet, what lies ahead, is up to us… to you… to me. 

30 Days to Unstoppable: Be the Dream Made Visible is not just a book, but a meditative practice and journey that supports you in creating whatever you desire to experience in your outer world—by first creating it within yourself.

The practice offered inside these pages will become your new energetic insurance, protecting you from the inevitable challenges resulting from a world and its structures in flux. 

What you will create in your Unstoppable Dream meditation practice is an energetic equivalent to Noah’s ark. You will learn to create your reality from the inside out, in alignment with quantum thinking and timeless wisdom. So, if you are ready for your life to change on your terms, you have just discovered a powerful ally.

30 Days to Unstoppable takes you on this inner journey, and attunes you from the inside out to become a magnet of possibility—your own Unstoppable Dream Made Visible.

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You Are a Genius at Something Topics include “Hopes and Dreams,” “Doing Good,” “Overcoming Adversity,” and “Building Character.”

Look to this helpful resource as you build the confidence and fortitude to make great positive change in yourself and your surroundings. 

Daisaku Ikeda is a Peacebuilder whose tireless efforts over 70 years have helped to build the SGI Organization in over 192 countries with over 12 million members worldwide.