session stories

This is an experience from a fellow QHHT® practitioner that outlines her experience with her son and his eyesight published March 2020. Used with permission.

I did this [a QHHT® session] for my 11-yr. old son yesterday to help him with his eye sight and his astigmatism. The high self [or SC] said that there were things that he was afraid to see and that since he was empathetic he had purposely blurred his own vision. The high self said that he was learning how he could affect his body with his own mind. That he, alone, created the eye sight issue. They also said that he would understand this now and that there was nothing else he needed to learn from this. They said that they could now release and heal this for him. When asked what he would notice, they said he would wake up in the morning with clear eyes.
Well…he woke up this morning and told me that it feels like he’s wearing his glasses even when he isn’t. He hasn’t worn them since!! All day he has been amazed!
I’m so grateful for this work and Dolores!! Also grateful I don’t have to go back to the eye doctor!

Sarah C.

when the soul is ready to release and heal, miracles can and do occur!