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Environment beats will every time, over time.

Peter Sage

Are you or a loved one struggling with an addiction, alcoholism, gambling, porn, video games or eating to fill a VOID?

Have you tried the traditional routes of detox, rehabilitation, AA, Refuge Recovery or SMART to no avail?

Are you willing to try something new that could potentially transform your WHOLE family into health, vitality and wellness?

I know what you’re going through because I went through it. Here’s my story and how I solved my problems. Maybe it will help you solve yours.

Welcome! Welcome! My name is Lili McGovern and I was an alcoholic.

I was diagnosed first with depression in 2000, then with bipolar 2 in 2004, then with bipolar 1 in 2012.

In 2015, my husband and son were both diagnosed simultaneously with ADD and began taking legal speed and Gapapentin for Anxiety. Around this same time, my son began using alcohol and cannabis to numb out. He was 14.

We spent so much time and money trying to cure his depression as he continued to self-medicate. Nothing worked, he wouldn’t take Rx, he kept using recreational substances and he actively sought our help at age 18. He FINALLY agreed to enter rehab for the first time.

We couldn’t talk about this to anyone. I was filled with shame and guilt and worried about jeopardizing his future by talking about his struggles. I just realized that by not talking about it, we were enabling it to continue to grow. DON’T follow my example.

We put on a brave face and pretended like everything was normal. We were living a lie and probably creating even more opportunities for my son to hurt himself and consequently, hurt others.

It was the scariest day of my life, dropping my son off in Arizona to fend for himself at an inpatient residential program for teens when he was at his lowest point. I’ll never forget the look in his eyes as we LEFT HIM there to drive back to the airport. I wept the long plane ride back to Bellingham, WA. That was the first time.

Our son continued to struggle with depression and anxiety fight inner demons in a battle I had no control over. This would have left a weaker man ruined. However, after sticking it out 90 days, he came home sober and stayed sober for over a year.

Sobriety didn’t last, however.

It was another sad day to drop him off at a different facility a couple of years later, crossing our fingers that this time it would work. They would fix him and we’d all be able to go back to normal. HA! That was me being delusional.

LOOOOOONG story short, us now in 2022

I spent 7 years drugged up, in therapy, and talking about my problems, contemplating suicide and trying to figure out how to feel better. The only reason I stayed on medication was because it helped me lose weight and maintain my weight–pretty valuable priorities, huh? That’s an indication of my state of mind and programming. Some people, like me, have to learn things the HARD WAY.

In January of 2019, I decided enough was enough and with the help and guidance of my care team, titrated off all of my daily medications: Lamotrogine, Clonopin, Ambien, Gabapentin, along with various other Rx of my chemical cocktail which just had just kept growing and changing over the years due to complications from side FX: nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, dry eyes, allergic reactions, hives, and sleeplessness.

Our son is sober.

I’m sober.

My husband drinks an occasional beer but even that is losing it’s appeal.

I’m no longer an alcoholic or mentally ill.

Our son is no longer an alcoholic or mentally ill.

My husband is and always will be my husband.

He’s my rock, my handler, my bodyguard and my example of what it means to be a responsible, contributive adult in today’s harsh society.

We have been married for over 30 years now and we’ve helped each other grow up while weathering the constantly changing landscape of our lives while continuing to chant and practice with the SGI-USA, serving as leaders whenever possible.

We SURVIVED up until now and still are a tight family who actively and loudly demonstrates our love for each other through hugs and words and actions and time spent with each other.

everything changes

We had an opportunity last year to be tested yet again. Peter Sage calls these tests either BLT’s (basic life tests) or Graduation Events.

I think this qualifies as a Graduation Event when your conscious awareness and perception grows due to circumstances beyond your control and you rise to meet the occasion.

One night in the fall of 2020, the police called and reported that they had picked up my son wandering around a nearby town. He didn’t know who he was or what had happened. I asked if I could come pick him up and they declined, taking him to the ER.

We’ll never know exactly what happened but it sounded like our son had experienced a psychotic incident brought on by puffing cannabis oil that was probably laced with some hallucinagenic substance from a vaping pen.

This triggered a downward spiral where alcohol kept creeping under the covers, literally. Then we discovered the gun. The alcohol mixed with paranoid delusions coupled with our ABJECT TERROR energized this situation which escalated into a call to the Suicide HOTLINE.

Thankfully, our son agreed to check himself in Voluntarily to the Psych Ward. He wasn’t feeling safe and we weren’t feeling safe and that was the ONLY solution we knew to take.

This ended in a REPLAY of the EXACT SAME SITUATION as 4 years ago. Another stint in rehab, this time only for 2 weeks and he had talked himself back into our home, where he continued to use alcohol as a self-soothing mechanism.

Then another rehab, this time in CA, where he couldn’t come home too easily and that was even harder than the 1st time. This time he stayed 6 mos.

Are you noticing a pattern? Here’s the equation that was playing out in our lives:



WE WERE HELPLESS to help our our only child who was, by now a legal adult. Our legacy. Our heart. The reason for living.

The Search Continues

SOOOOO, I kept searching and searching and searching for answers, help, healing, anything that would or could possibly change our situation.

And then…….


Smiling ear to ear and talking a million miles an hour, this tall, sinewy, energetic man spit out golden words.

Every concept he brought up made sense. So much common sense. So easy to understand.

He’s a straight talker, no nonsense AND he has a great sense of humor.

It’s obvious he’s thought about things deeply and done extensive research.

Everything about this guy felt 1st-class and SAFE.

What he was talking about resonated with me DEEPLY.

Based solely on instinct and watching ONLY 5 minutes of his spiel, I signed up for his Ultimate Self-Mastery Course for $349. He promised he would not only teach me why I self-sabotage and how important the environment is to our wellness and life but that he would coach me once a month for an entire year. Wow! I’ve never seen another offer like this.

I was so impressed after diving into the content that I immediately signed up to become part of his “family”–the Elite Mentorship Forum Experience: The Most Successful Personal Development And Transformation Program Ever Created.

Along with that, I signed up for his High-Ticket Offer, to become an Elite Mentorship Trainer so that I could license his program and offer it to those suffering like me.

I spent more money that day investing in myself than I have in my entire life except for my college degree in Psychology and it shifted something deep inside of me-for the first-time in my life, I was betting on me.


It was SCARY. I kept thinking that I would get my money back because we could only do that for 7 days and then there NO MONEY BACK.

Every day of those 7 days, I asked myself if I was in.

The answer always came back that I had nothing to lose and, possibly, everything to gain.

“trust the process, do the work”

SO…I stuck with it.

I listened to his instructions which stated, “Trust the process and do the work.”

I did the work.

I started gradually adding in new habits, new thoughts, new ways of looking at myself, life and everything that I’d been taught.

And, slowly, my life started coming full circle.

And, slowly, my life started coming full circle.

And, slowly, my life started coming full circle.


I was able to integrate ALL of my rigorous scientific studies on life + psychology + health + recovery + buddhism + creativity to understand my mission.

My mission is to help FAMILIES solve this CRISIS that is AFFECTING every aspect of our WORLD.

When the family unit is in crisis, the very fabric of our existence is at STAKE.

I’m passionate about helping others find their way back to themselves so that they can show up authentically, in their power, with the understanding that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE with the right tools and knowledge.

We all have access to our own inner understanding and all of the INFORMATION that has ever existed in the collective consciousness.

Peter Sage has given me a road map to happiness. A road map to FULFILLMENT. A road map to LIFE.

I’m making it MY Mission to now share this roadmap with you so that you, too, can move forward lighter, brighter and radiating your LOVE, fulfilling your potential and living your life in JOY.

If you’re ready to UPGRADE your life, ACTIVATE your ENERGETIC FIELD, Step into the FLOW, and experience a life where MAGIC IS REAL and everything your can imagine is possible, then sign up for the Elite Mentorship Forum Experience for Families in RECOVERY today and begin the most exciting chapter of your life alongside ALL of your family members.

This is meant to help you heal your relationships, solidify your foundations as a family and as individuals who each brings to the table something necessary and valuable.

We can heal ourselves.

We can heal our families and we can create world peace by becoming absolutely happy ourselves.

I’ll leave you with Peter’s fave quote from Mother Theresa:

Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home.

Mother Theresa

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